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PRODUCTS – CBS Semi-Electric Stacker

Name:CBS Semi-Electric Stacker
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Semi-Electric Stackers are designed to operate in narrow passage and limited space, and are ideal facilities to load/unload and stack goods in stacking warehouse, supermarket and workshop etc. These trucks can be moved and operated easily and swiftly, with similar function to the electric stackers.

1. Remote control, three light LED charge status indicator, and easy to read illuminated battery status voltmeter included.
2. Equipped with safety screen and floor lock. FOB Shipping Point.
3. With a minimally charged battery, unit can be used even while plugged in and recharging.
4. Features reinforced frame and base. Double chain, lift support. Heavy-duty pump. Ergonomic "D" handles.
Model CBS1.0 CBS1.2 CBS1.5
Rated capacity kg 1000 1200 1500
Load Center mm 600 600 600
Lifting Height H mm 1600 (single mast) 2500/2900/3300 (Double mast)
Height with forks lowered H1 mm 90 90 90
Min. turning radius R mm 1370 1370 1420
Front hang E mm 350 350 390
Wheelbase D mm 1225 1225 1275
Overall length L mm 1725 1725 1775
Overall width W2 mm 870 870 920
Overall height H2 mm 1965(single mast) /1765/1965/2165(double mast)
Height with mast extended mm 1965 (single mast)/1765/1965/2165(double mast)
Fork size (F*W3*H3) mm 1150*160*70 1150*160*70 1150*160*70
Fork width W mm 560 560 560
Fork inside width W2 mm 240 240 220
Lifting Speed (laden/unladen) mm/s 80*130 80*130 80*130
Lowering Speed (laden/unladen) mm/s 110/90 110/90 110/90
Service brake Foot brake
Load wheel mm 80*70 80*70 80*70
Counter balanced wheel mm 180*50 180*50 200*50
Lifting Power pack kw 1.6 1.6 2
Battery V/Ah 12/120 12/120 12/150
Weight kg 400 (single mast) 480/510/540 (double mast) 440/510/530/550

1. Spercial lifting height is available.
2. The specification in the table are ofr standard models only, for further information, please contact with us.
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