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PRODUCTS – CQD-Z Electric Reach Truck

Name:CQD-Z Electric Reach Truck
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1. Large-screen LCD display shows high-definition images with Electric energy display, timing, fault display and excellent digital display functions which are convenient for operators to understand the conditions of the forklift truck and for maintenance.

2. Its goods hoisting plant getting the national patent makes operators adjust the hoisting speed according to requirements in the practical operation, which has greatly improved the work efficiency.

3. The hoisting height locating device getting the national patent makes operators set many heights when fetching to decrease the tiredness of operators and increase the work efficiency.

4. The storage battery translation motion device getting the national patent, during the maintenance of storage battery, can avoid lifting and ensure driver’s safety.

5. The big steering bearing getting the national patent, which is self-developed according to the international advanced technology, its rear drive assembly integrated with variable speed box, wheel box and steering bridge ensures flexible turning and excellent running performance.

6. Its upright mounting system realizes trial-direction fetching and placing of goods when the upright mounting doesn’t work, which increases its stability and safety.
Model CQD-15/30Z CQD-0.5/6.0Z
L oad capactiy kg 1500 500
Load center mm 400(500) 400(500)
Max lifting height mm 3000 6000
Free lift height * mm 1500 1500
Fork length* mm 1000 1000
Fork width mm 80(100) 100
Fork side shifting distance mm 100 100
Mast reaching distance 600 600
Operator type Rider Seated Rider Seated
Lifting type Electric hydraulic
L ifting speed mm/s 100/90
Lowering speed (laden/unladen) mm/s ≥85/<600
Mast tilt angle < 2°±0.5°/5±1°
Height with mast lowered mm 2150 2630
Height with mast extended mm 3510 6510
Drive unit mm Drive wheel (AC) Drive wheel (AC)
Travel speed (laden/unladen) 6.5/5.5
Drive Control CURTIS AC
Service brake Mechanical Mechanical
Steering Power steering
Front wheel PU φ280*90 φ280*90
Drving wheel φ250*90 φ250*90
Load wheel φ160*60 φ160*60
Frame length with contracted mm 2780 2780
Frame length with fork extended mm 3430 3430
Overall width mm 1080 1100
Overall height mm 1250 1250
Battery Ah D-420 D-420
Turning radius 1660 1660
Self weight (including battery) kg 2000 2200
Drive motor kw 1500 2000
Lifting motor kw 2.2、3000 3000

1. The data of the items with () brackets can be chosen according to the demand of the customer.
2. The date of the items with * stars can be optional.
3. Spercial lifting height with max. 7.2M is available.
4. The specification in the table are for standard models only, for further information, please contact with us.
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