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PRODUCTS – CBE-H Heavy duty Power pallet truck

Name:CBE-H Heavy duty Power pallet truck
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CBE-Z series Electric pallet trucks are suitable for use in the heavy load and long-time operation working condition, and can improve the transit efficiency, reduce working intensity. The machine adopts super-thin body design, having the features of small turn radius and solid body. Continuously Variable driver make the movement easy and swift, and it also has the features of low noise, environmental protection, long working period after one charge, and reliable performance.

Heavy Duty Design-Export Model
1. Can be widely used in distribution centers, factories, supermarkets, warehouses and freight terminals.
2. Compact design combines with new technology, Safe, fast and easy operation.
3. Electric/hydraulic system offers a clean, noise free environment.
4. Variable speed controller for maximum efficiency, Power unit and drive wheel made in Europe.
5. Equipped with an electromagnetic type fail-safe braking system.
Model CBE-30H CBE-35H CBE-50H
load capactiy kg 3000 3500 5000
Load center mm 550 600 600
Lifting Height (Min/Max fork height) mm 90-205 85-185 150-250
Single fork width mm 180 170 (180) 180(230)
Fork width * mm 550/685 550/685 1200/685
Fork length 1150/1200 1150/1200 1150/1200
Travel speed (laden/unladen) km/h 7.0/6.0 5.0/4.5 3.5/2.0
Lifting speed (laden/unladen) mm/s 18/20 18/20 15/30
Lowering speed (laden/unladen) mm/s 20/18 20/18 20/18
Driving wheel mm φ250*90 φ250*90 φ260*150
Load wheel mm φ80*68 φ80*68 φ100*100
Balance wheel mm φ125 φ125 φ100*45
Drive motor w 1500 1200 1800
Pump power pack w 2200 3000 3000
Battery Ah D-240 D-240 D-420
Operator type Walkie (standon platform) Walkie (standon platform) Walkie (standon platform)
Min.Turning radius mm 1200 1200 1300
Overall dimensions mm 2100*800*1580 2050*780*1480 2250*880*1400
Self weight Kg 750 550 1360

1. Can be equipped with stand-on platform and armrest.
2. Germany origin imported REMA, FREI tiller is option.
3. The data of the items with * star can be chosen according to the demand of the customer.
4. The specification in the table are for standard models only, for further information, please contact with us.
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